Meet our PAMMily Member & Resident DJ Phaxas!

Emerging from her involvement as a sound engineer and shortly thereafter as a performer for an nationally touring live electronic act, Phaxas has carved out a unique space as a solo electronic artist and DJ. Catch her spinning live during the musem’s Thursday night happy hour on the terrace, 5–7pm.

With influences from post-techno, idm and bass music, she expresses and creates a fresh breed of melodic yet rhythmically-driven electronica. Phaxas’ music is a fusion of the range of those influences combined with strains of house and syncopated rhythms along with warm sounds and deep basses. Her skillset as an audio engineer, producer, and live performer make for a sonically palpable “get-down” vibe. Her notable gigs include: III Points festival, Artopia, Afrobeta’s Mooncake fest, Klanbox’s Klangbang, Lemon City Day School, Gramps, and several gallery spaces. She co-hosts a weekly internet radio show called Mashene along with fellow dj Heather Holiday, which focuses on women in electronics.

See how she preps for her weekly set at PAMM and come see her spin during #HappyHour on the terrace, Thursday’s from 5–7pm. Enjoy $5 beer, $6 wine, $7 cocktails and free admission to the terrace.


Hi, I’m Denise. I’m the audiovisual manager and the resident DJ here at PAMM. A typical day for me at the museum begins with planning the technical aspects of event production, And also making sure that all our equipment is in proper functioning order.
I love the rush of the kind of work that I do, there’s a nowness to it. This also happens to be what I love about music and performance. My involvement in music began about 13 years ago when I started working in studios, And this eventually brought me to doing live sound.

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