Stunning New Video Tells the Story of Awilda – Miami’s New Iconic Waterfront Sculpture

Artist Jaume Plensa to speak at Pérez Art Museum Miami on March 18, 2pm

JAUME PLENSA from tamz on Vimeo.

In a stunning new video, artist Jaume Plensa explains, “Awilda was born in Rio de Janeiro four years ago and the real title, the complete title, is Looking into My Dreams – Procurando em meus sonhos. It was paying homage to Yemanjá, who was the divinity of the sea. In my first trip out of Spain which was in Rio de Janeiro I remember I fall completely, fascinatingly in love with this divinity which was floating on the water. And I did a piece that was installed rising up from the water in front of the ‘Sugar Loaf’.”

“For Awilda, Miami is the perfect place to live. Water is the main public space in the word.” – Jaume Plensa, artist

awildanew2_0.jpgPhoto:World Red Eye

The piece then went to Chicago’s Millennial Park, “it’s where Jorge [Pérez] found the piece,” said Plensa, “and fell in love with the piece and the piece is here for that reason. He asked me to find the right place to install the piece and obviously the piece is completely related with water.”

Into My Dreams, Awilda is sponsored by Jorge M. Pérez of the Related Group and organized by Related Group curators, Patricia Garcia-Velez Hanna and Anelys Alvarez-Muñoz. Additional support from Museum Park and the Bayfront Park Management Trust. In-kind support is also gratefully acknowledged from Timothy Schmand, executive director of the Bayfront Park Management Trust.

“I love that it memorializes the humanity in every individual…” – Jorge M. Pérez, art collector


Jaume Plensa, Looking Into My DreamsAwilda​. Photo: World Red Eye

“This beautiful sculpture, this beautiful girl’s face traveled first to Rio de Janeiro, which was in the water coming out of the water, then a little bit displaced in Chicago although it looked beautiful and in a beautiful, beautiful has found its resting home in its final resting home in Miami by the sea which I think is the natural environment for this great piece of art,” said art collector Jorge Pérez. “I believe that the sculpture is going to become sort of Miami’s lighthouse.”

In celebration of welcoming his majestic sculpture Looking Into My Dreams, Awilda to its new home in Museum Park, PAMM will host a talk by world renowned artist Jaume Plensa on Saturday, March 18 at 2pm. Monumentalizing everyday individuals, as well as youth and femininity, Awilda presents the artist’s large-scale portrait of a young girl from his native Barcelona. Art Talk: Jaume Plensa is free with museum admission.

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