PAMM Teaching Artists Share Their Domino Memories

Watch as some of PAMM’s teaching artists reflect on their earliest memories of playing dominoes! Submit your #PAMMDomino memories on social media for a chance to win a dominoes set.

The game of dominoes is something that is very much a part of Miami culture. The various play styles of the game are as diverse and unique as the cultures and people who are a part of the city. Although there may be some disputes over the “correct” way to play, it’s a game that can unite people from many different backgrounds.

Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles: An Exhibition About Dominoes is on view until October 29, 2017. The exhibition showcases artworks that reflect the multilayered aspects of the domino game, a tradition that is heavily practiced in the American South, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Dominoes, a popular game with origins dating to ancient China, has a discernible aesthetic and political vantage point, and offers a look into specific communities that grow around the domino table. Some of the works in the exhibition directly reference dominoes; others provide a conceptual relationship to the game or address the subject in terms of larger human conditions, such as, political struggles, religious beliefs, and racial stereotypes. The show features over 19 international contemporary artists working in a variety of media, including painting, mixed-media, sculpture, installation, and video. Collectively, these artists approach the game of dominoes—its history, community, strategy, and aesthetics—as metaphor and practice.


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