Behind-the-Scenes: PAMM Braves Hurricane Irma

This weekend, Hurricane Irma—the most intense Atlantic hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005—made landfall in the Florida Keys, west of its projected course of directly hitting Miami as a Category 4 hurricane.

In anticipation of the storm, PAMM made preparations well ahead of time and had a skilled 14-person team on premises during the storm, which kept the facility safe and sound.

Watch a behind-the-scenes look at Mark B. Rosenblum, CFO/COO; James Sharpe, facility director; and Avraham Braunstein, security project manager, weather the storm at PAMM.

Fortunately, PAMM sustained no damage to the building or flooding. The roof held well, and there was not a problem with the hurricane-resistant windows. The surge from Biscayne Bay did not reach the building, even at high tide. The hanging gardens held well structurally, and only weakened plants in the hanging gardens were lost, and will easily be replaced. The exterior sculptures and interior artwork are fine. The power remained on in the building and the air conditioning at the appropriate level for the artwork was maintained. The garage surface had some temporary pooling of water due to rain and drainage. There was some minor damage to landscaping, which is already in the process of being corrected.

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