Art and Culinary Expertise Combine at Cucuyo

Watch Emily Burster, general manager for STARR Catering Group, talk about the latest addition to PAMM’s dining program—Cucuyo, a fusion of art and culinary expertise.

Named after summer childhood memories of catching glowing click beetles in the backyard, the cocoon shaped café was designed by South Florida’s celebrated Berenblum Busch Architects (BBA) and manufactured by Amsterdam-based MX3D, using innovative 3D printing technology.

The 700-pound stainless steel structure is the first of its kind and now proves that form and design liberties found in 3D printing of small objects can be applied on an architectural scale. Bringing this innovative technology to the forefront of conversation, STARR Catering Group and PAMM are serving as early adopters and are playing a key role in bringing large-scale 3D printing to market.

Serving coffee, sandwiches, and bites by Executive Chef Kaytlin Dangaran, Cucuyo is designed to be both highly functional and mobile while standing out as an artistic talking point for visitors.

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