Andrea Bowers: “Climate Change is Real”

Andrea Bowers is an artist and activist based in Los Angeles. Her cross-disciplinary practice includes drawing, video, sculpture, and installation work that foregrounds the experience of people who dedicate their time and energy to the struggle for racial, environmental, labor, and immigration justice and those directly affected by systemic inequality. Since 2010, she has expanded her practice to include light works that employ political slogans. The beguiling works tersely render the pronouncements, directly engaging the public in her forthright personal politics. In Climate Change is Real (Miami), Bowers incorporates the titular slogan in a metal sculpture with flashing neon lights. The issue of climate change is inseparable from politics in the U.S. and has catapulted to the forefront of national environmental concerns in recent years. It is particularly topical in Miami as the city faces rising sea levels. Poised against the environmental issues that threaten the city, the work sharply resonates when exhibited at PAMM.

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