The Five Best Gifts for Your Artsy Friend from PAMM Shop

When it comes to holiday shopping for that artsy friend, it’s no secret your gift has to have some extra spunk. From cameras to pouches, we’ve gathered some of PAMM Shop’s most unique gifts.

Check out our five best picks from PAMM Shop:


OneStep 2 i-Type Polaroid Camera ($100)

The instant photos you know and love are back with the new OneStep 2 i-Type Polaroid camera.


But is it Art Pouch ($16.95)

Let your artsy friends be the judge.


Addon T3 Speaker ($249)

This audio pro Bluetooth speaker is small enough to pack for a day at the beach and blast those obscure songs no one probably knows about.


Easy Pouch ($74.95)

Carry the essentials in this colorful leather purse designed by Japanese designers Mika Nakamura and Komako Oki.


Gold Baby Head ($2,995)

Nothing makes a statement like a 14k gold glazed baby head hanging in your living room.

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