PAMM Third Thursdays: Q&A with Jason Joshua & The Beholders


Jason Joshua & The Beholders is bringing soul and funk music to the terrace on December 21 for PAMM Third Thursdays: Poplife Social. Hailing from Miami and New York City, the band caught up with PAMM and discussed the differences between the city’s music scenes, their inspirations, and what they’re cooking up for the show. Be sure to look out for their single and debut album coming out soon on Mango Hill Records.

Check out our interview with the band below:

PAMM: The band will be taking over our terrace overlooking Biscayne Bay. Can you spill some details on what the band is cooking up for PAMM Third Thursdays: Poplife Social? 

Jason Joshua: We got a nice healthy dose of Soul Music! Hope you guys are stoked!

Eddie Garcia: Yeah! What he said!

What are the differences between Miami and NYC’s music scenes?

Jesse Klirsfeld: I think in NY there are more musical communities and Miami is influenced more by Latin culture.

Tony Rivera:  NY has a legendary history of gathering musicians alike, where here in Miami, there’s a grit and maybe a little more hunger since our soul and funk scene is limited.

Eddie Garcia: Miami is way more blue-collar!

Does South Florida and your tropical surroundings play a role in your inspirations?

Jason Joshua: Absolutely. We are very influenced by Latin music!

Matt Pyatt: Totes.

Adam Scone: Flamingo time baby!

Jesse Klirsfeld: Happy Hanukkah! Yasss I agree!

What does it mean to the band to play at PAMM?

Jason Joshua: I love the art exhibitions there and the scenic views! Erica Gil works there! Thanks to Jake, Steph, and PAMM for inviting us!

Purchase tickets to PAMM Third Thursdays: Poplife Social featuring Jason Joshua & The Beholders here.

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