“Miami Stories” of Cuban Exiles: Ciri Duasso

Ciri Duasso of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba recently shared her Cuban exile story with WLRN at PAMM inside the HistoryMiami Museum recording booth. Last October, PAMM partnered up with the television station and the history museum for a special project to preserve and record the history of Cuban exiles living in South Florida, in connection with PAMM’s latest exhibition, On the Horizon: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection.

Duasso says, “When I did my story, I never thought that it would evoke so many feelings of my childhood. I really think it’s an important investment that I did because I’m allowing other generations that come after me to know how it is­­­-that experience, that unique experience that I had coming as a child from Cuba with no hopes really to ever return at that time in 1970.”

Want to share your unique “Miami Stories” with us? Hop in the recording booth on February 10 or March 10 at PAMM Free Second Saturdays from 1-4pm.

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