IMG_20171005_1957014161Miami’s Cortadito, a traditional Cuban Son group who perform the music of early Cuban origins, is bringing an evening of live music to the terrace in celebration of the third chapter of On the Horizon: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection. Order a cocktail from our waterfront bar, grab a partner, and dance under the stars this Thursday at PAMM Third Thursdays: Poplife Social.

We caught up with Cortadito’s Jose Elias and chatted about the band’s origin, current projects, and where to find the best cortadito in town.

PAMM: How did the band meet?
Elias: I actually started the band with Julio Cesar Rodriguez, who no longer lives in Miami, but is still considered to be an integral part of the band.

What are your thoughts on Miami’s music scene?
Elias: I think the real Miami music scene is still a bit under the radar globally. We have so many cultures that are under appreciated and musicians that aren’t being honored for their contributions to the community. That being said, we’ve come a long way from the days of hardly any venues or platforms for musicians to perform their music.

We have to ask… Where is the best cortadito in town?
Elias: HAHA! That’s a tough question to answer. I’m probably the wrong person to ask that question because I like the cortadito with more coffee than it usually has. I usually don’t drink that much coffee either but when I do, I have it at Enriqueta’s Sandwich shop. The one at Versailles is pretty good and so is the one at La Tosca bakery. There you go, I told you it would be a tough question to answer.

What has the band been up to since the last time you all performed at PAMM in 2014?
Elias: The band has gone through some faculty changes, we are now performing as a quartet and sometimes as a trio. We are in the process of recording our first album with all original songs. Besides developing a fan base in Miami, we have established fan bases in other cities in Florida, like St. Petersburg, Jupiter, and Key West. We are also gaining support in New York state and North Carolina.

What does it mean to the band to play at PAMM?
Elias: For me personally, it’s great to be back at PAMM. We had a great show the last time we played there and had such a warm reception.

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