The Seven Best Looks from Art of the Party 2017

With PAMM Art of the Party, presented by Valentino, just around the corner, have you thought about what you’re wearing? Last year, CBS4’s Lisa Pretrillo and Current.Miami talked all things fashion on the black carpet with guests who rocked some of our favorite looks. Don’t have your tickets yet? Mark your calendar for March 17, 2018 and get your tickets today!

In search of some fashion inspiration for this year’s bash? Check out the seven best looks from PAMM’s Art of the Party 2017.

PAMM trustee Alexa Wolman. Photo by John Parra/Getty Images

1. Alexa Wolman
PAMM trustee Alexa Wolman looked stunning in her black and pink Valentino dress on last year’s black carpet. Wolman told CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo and Current.Miami, “I chose this dress because I feel like it has a sense of humor. It’s kind of funereal but fun, and has the broken heart on the front. I think it’s important to keep a sense of humor about ourselves.” She jokingly added, “And match your hair to the dress.”

PAMM Art Of The Party Presented By Valentino
PAMM trustee Arlene Chaplin (second from left). Photo by John Parra/Getty Images

2. Arlene Chaplin
PAMM trustee Arlene Chaplin served outdoors-inspired glamour on the black carpet donning a Valentino look from head to toe. Nothing says Miami like shimmering tropical foliage on your purse.

Musician Usher Raymond. Photo by John Parra/Getty Images

3. Usher
PAMM Portraits dubbed Usher’s outfit the best moment from Art of the Party 2017. His dapper look featuring a Dries Van Noten suit and Gucci loafers will forever be one for the books.

PAMM Art Of The Party Presented By Valentino
Darlene Pérez. Photo by John Parra/Getty Images

4. Darlene Pérez
Host committee member Darlene Pérez’s sophisticated black ensemble was a perfect fit for the evening’s al fresco dining experience on the picturesque waterfront.

Lydia Touzet, Criselda Breene, Barbara Becker, Christina Getty, & Suzie Buckley Woodward
Suzy Buckley Woodward (far right). Photo by World Red Eye

5. Suzy Buckley Woodward
Suzy Buckley Woodward looked extraordinary in a fun pink sequin dress at last year’s event. Buckley Woodward told CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo and Current.Miami that she was thinking about “sparkles and fairy princesses” when she was getting dressed for the party.

Justise Winslow. Photo by World Red Eye

6. Justise Winslow
Miami Heat player Justise Winslow channeled his “Miami chic” side with a genuine cerulean hued suit and button up shirt. The perfect outfit for mingling at Chef’s Table cocktail hour or lounging at Supper Club.

PAMM Art Of The Party Presented By Valentino
Guest Andreea Baclea. Photo by John Parra/Getty Images

7. Andreea Baclea
Andreea Baclea unleashed her playful side in a sparkling, sequin jumpsuit—the perfect combination of couture style and comfort for dancing the night away.

As you plan your outfit for the evening, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Chef’s Table attire is listed as formal, which means dark suits for men (ties always optional in Miami) and either short or long dresses for women. Formal is one notch below “black-tie optional” and one notch above “cocktail.”

Supper Club and Remix attire is listed as cocktail, which means dress attire for men, such as a dress shirt, pants and jacket, and a party-ready dress or the classic “little black dress” for women.

We encourage all guests to express themselves through fashion and bring their best looks!


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