Q&A with Haiti’s Akoustik


Haiti’s Akoustik is bringing an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, rock, and konpa from Port-au-Prince to the terrace on May 3 for PAMM Free Community Night: Haitian Heritage Night. The five-piece band, comprised of singers Joel Pierrevil and Elder Charlot; bass player David Casseus; lead guitarist Sebastien Denis; and drummer Ricardo “Sexy Big” Dumont, will perform this Thursday at 7pm, and you don’t want to miss it!

This Haitian Heritage Month celebration, in collaboration with Maximillian Consultants Inc., will feature live performances by Akoustik, The Nancy St Leger NSL Danse Ensemble, Rara Lakay, and a set by DJ Whiskey Chick. Join in on the celebration and RSVP here.

We caught up with Elder and chatted about the the band’s musical inspirations, origins, and more. Check out our interview below and follow Akoustik at @Akoustik_band on Instagram.

How did the band meet?
Joel and Elder met in high school, where they both were part of the school’s choir. From there, they developed a friendship and partnership that eventually lead to creating Akoustik.

What is the writing process like for Akoustik?
Akoustik has a writing team that Elder and Joel put together to go over texts that they previously wrote, as well as to create new songs. It’s always very interesting to see the interconnectedness and good chemistry that floats around when the group is writing and creating! Everyone pitches in and the exchange of ideas and energy is really what makes our writing stand out.

Who are some of the band’s biggest musical inspirations?
Coldplay, Bob Marley, Mizik Mizik, John Mayer, and Sting, just to name a few.

Does Haiti’s tropical surroundings inspire Akoustik’s music?
Most definitely. We are very lucky to be creating music in such a lively atmosphere, the weather, the people, and the warmth! Everything adds up nicely to give that perfect island fever seasoning that we are known for!


Talk to us about Haiti’s music scene.
Haiti has a very rich culture in which music plays (probably) the biggest part. Haitians love music almost as much as they love being Haitian, therefore, our music industry is also very rich! There is a plethora of talented artists and groups creating in different genres whether it’s rasin, konpa, rap, or rabòday. The competition keeps everyone motivated to give the very best of themselves so the fans are very happy!

What does it mean to the band to play at PAMM?
It is a great honor for Akoustik to be able to perform at PAMM. We are very humbled to have been chosen for this venue.


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