PAMM Third Thursdays: Poplife Social: Q+A with Steven A. Clark

Steven A. Clark

From working with DJ/producer Boys Noize to embarking on an upcoming tour with Chromeo, Miami’s Steven A. Clark has been one busy dude. And now on Thursday, August 16, he’s taking over the terrace for PAMM Third Thursdays: Poplife Social. The North Carolina-born singer-songwriter will be performing music off his new LP, “Where Neon Goes to Die,” which takes on 80s pop and R&B through a contemporary club sound.

We caught up with him ahead of Thursday’s show and chatted about his experience working with Boys Noize, his influences, and advice for aspiring musicians.

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PAMM: How does Miami inspire your sound?
Clark: Miami is my home and it’s a huge part of my experiences. It’s the backdrop for my movie.

Who are some of your musical influences?
N.E.R.D., Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Prince.

What was your experience like working with Boys Noize?
Boys Noize knows so much about music and has an amazing vision and taste. He knew the sound I was going for before even talking to me about it. Every song developed naturally. We made everything in Berlin where he lives. Had an amazing experience in one of my favorite cities.

How is “Where Neon Goes to Die” different from previous releases?
I think it’s just the next progression for me as an artist. It’s a lighter/brighter album. I was in a darker place during my last album. My music will always reflect where I’m at emotionally in my life.

Where is your favorite spot in Miami to catch live music? Why?
AAA because hopefully I’ll be able to perform there one day.

Any advice for musicians who are just starting out?
Just learn yourself and determine how you want to share that message musically. Just really believe in what you’re doing.

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