Creative Time Summit: Tidal Rage: Drag en la Frontera

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We are just hours away from celebrating the opening of the Creative Time Summit with Tidal Rage: Drag en la Frontera, featuring performances by Bhenji Ra, KUNST, Miss Toto, Lolita Cabrón, Andro Gin, Dang Ho Yu Sickning, Queef Latina, Karla Croqueta, Jupiter Velvet, Ded Cooter, Persephone Vonlips, Yoko Oso, Juleisy Inbed, and a special stage design and performance by sleeper.

The evening will highlight Miami’s alternative, creative drag scene, with performances engaging directly with contemporary politics, taking on local, national, and global issues. ​The night is a part of the Creative Time Summit, a three-day convening of thinkers, dreamers, and doers working at the intersection of art and social justice. Get your tickets for the full conference program here.

We sat down with the evening’s producer Fredo Rivera, and chatted about the inspiration behind the show and more.

How did you get involved with Creative Time Summit?
My involvement is largely thanks to Corina L. Apostol at Creative Time, who is curating the summit with Elvira Dyangani Ose. We both know each other from Duke University in North Carolina. Corina reached out to me because of her familiarity with my work, both in regards to drag and my research about Miami and the broader Caribbean. I will also be doing a couple breakout sessions, one in the studio of artist Edouard Duval-Carrié, and the other a walking tour of Miami’s Edgewater and Wynwood neighborhoods.

Describe your role as producer of Tidal Rage: Drag en la Frontera.
My role is curatorial in many regards. It involves the conceptualization for the evening’s program alongside the organization, with the wonderful help of PAMM and Creative Time Summit. Over a year ago, I co-curated a drag art happening at the Centro Cultural Español-Miami with The Nightclub with artist Angela Valella, titled Yo Soy La Mala: drag en el exilio. My goal was twofold: to feature the prominent alternative drag and queer performance scene unfolding in Miami, and to consider the political and social milieu with which we create our work here. For the opening party at PAMM, I really took the summit’s topics into account.

What was the inspiration behind Tidal Rage: Drag en la Frontera?
I was inspired by the focus on art and politics in the curatorial statement for the Creative Time Summit, as well as the space of PAMM. Tidal Rage directly refers to our proximity to rising oceans, and I wanted this event to really highlight our place within this city. It comprises of two sets. The first set, the Everglades Vaudeville stage, will take place indoors in the auditorium at 6pm and provide a more intimate introduction to our local drag scene. The latter set will ascend into a city of lights outside at PAMM’s exterior lobby, with stage design by sleeper, who will also be doing a performance at 8pm.

What do you hope PAMM’s audience takes away from the evening?
The performers are incredible, and I’m excited that we get to showcase our art in such a prominent setting. Some of the acts will consider our current political moment, and all will show the creativity and ingenuity within our community. I hope it can be a venue for considering the political dynamism of drag and queer expression.

What can fans expect from Tidal Rage: Drag en la Frontera?
Each performer will be doing something unique and original, and it will relate to our setting. This is going to be a spectacular stage to consider drag in Miami. I am very inspired by the queer parties like CounterCorner and Gender Blender, which regularly feature our thriving talent. Our party will end early at 10pm, so I encourage everyone to continue the party at DoubleStubble at Gramps, which features drag and queer performers weekly.

If you could give only one tip to avid Creative Time Summit followers for this year’s summit, what would it be?
Enriquetas. Even if you have to wait at the window. And take the MetroMover—its free and gives you a wonderful view of the city.

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