Little Somethings from PAMM Shop

When it comes to finding the perfect holiday gift on a budget, PAMM has you covered. From books to ornaments, here are the best gifts under $15 from PAMM Shop. 

Don’t forget, all PAMM members this season receive double discounts (up to 20% off) at PAMM Shop and Verde during Member Appreciation Weekend (November 23–27, 2018 and January 17–20, 2019, plus discounts all Sundays in between.) Become a member to get the double discount. Make sure your friends and family also receive special access to exhibitions and events by gifting them a membership this holiday season.


Vintage Typewriter Post Set | $5
Created exclusively for PAMM, this set of postcards is inspired by vintage imagery and old technologies.


Hibi 10 Minute Aroma | $ 12.95
These sticks light as easily as a match with the striker provided and burn for approximately 10 minutes. Fill a room full of fragrance with these innovative match sticks from Japan.


Icelandic Kelp Soap | $8.95
This refreshing soap smells like crisp, cool, clean Icelandic air with just a hint of earthy sweetness. Made locally in Rhode Island with imported Icelandic kelp. Cruelty free.


Hats of Faith | $9.99
Teach your child about different cultures and religions with this board book.


David Shrigley Earplugs | $6.95
Trying to get some sleep on a crowded plane? Shouldn’t be a problem with these earplugs designed by David Shrigley. 


Baby Art Gallery | $12.99
Teach your little ones about famous art works designed for parents and young minds.

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Art Matters Jotter | $4.95
Keep track of artistic references and notes with these mini jotters.


Flamingo Clips | $4.95
Clip your papers in style with these cute flamingo paperclips that stand out and bring something tropical to your desk. 


Stickyscapes at the Museum | $10.99
Have your little ones curate their own gallery space with Stickyscapes at the Museum. These are great for creative thinking and learning about art history.


Glass beaded Star Ornament | $11.95
‘Tis the season for shiny and unusual ornaments.  


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