Celebrate the Holidays with Throwback Cocktails at Verde

Celebrate the holidays at PAMM with Verde’s limited time throwback 80s classic cocktails in honor of our 35th anniversary. Kick back and unwind on our waterfront terrace while imbibing with a piece of the past. 

The Hamptons Are Still Long Island Iced Tea

Booze x 4, Creme de Cocoa, Coca-Cola syrup, Chocolate Bitters.


Alabama Slammer Old Fashioned
Bulleit Rye, SoCo, Amaretto, Black currant liquor, orange.


Biscayne Bay Blue Lagoon Mojito
Bacardi, Blue Curaçao, mint, lime.


Kamikaze Fizz
Vodka, lychee, lime, wasabi foam.


B-52 Flat White
Parliament Espresso, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, orange.

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