The Five Best Gifts for Book Lovers from PAMM Shop

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, lovers! Find the perfect read for the book enthusiast in your life at PAMM Shop. From art world secrets to design, here are the five best books from PAMM Shop.

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Photo by Lazaro Llanes

Separate Cinema: The First 100 Years of Black Poster Art | $45.00
Jam-packed with rich imagery, this book celebrates the first 100 years of black poster art and offers readers an in-depth historical view of its progression.

Photo by Lazaro Llanes

100 Secrets of the Art World | $9.95
If your boo is trying to learn the ins and outs about the art world and what goes on behind the scenes, this guide filled with anecdotes and advice is the perfect gift for any art lover.

Photo by Lazaro Llanes

How Posters Work | $29.95
This intro to poster and graphic design is a great gift for anybody interested in the history and psychology of design, posters, and illustration.

Photo by Lazaro Llanes

Relics | $24.95
The relationship between Instagram superstars and their worshipers are the subject of this art book by Chris Drange. Packed with “relics” of the social media world, this book is not only a documentation, but a study of how social media affects our culture and society.

Photo by Lazaro Llanes

Teresita Fernández: Wayfinding | $60.00
Explore artist Teresita Fernandez’s work with this detailed overview and inside look at the unconventional materials used in her art. Be sure to stop by PAMM to catch Fernandez’s immersive work later this year.

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