PAMM Gears Up for Art + Soul with Co-Chair Deryl McKissack

Tonight, we are celebrating the sixth annual fund for African American Art at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). When it came to revamping the format of Art + Soul a few years ago, event Co-Chairs Deryl McKissack and Curb Gardner of Curb Gardner Creative Group were instrumental in that process. They rebranded the evening you all have come to know and love as Art + Soul.

Before the big night, we chatted with McKissack about how she became involved with the museum and what the fund for African American Art at PAMM means to her.

deryl curb

PAMM: How did you both become involved with the museum?
McKissack: I became involved with the museum as a board member almost 10 years ago.  I have supported the Ambassadors program since its inception. I was asked by Toni Randolph and Carole Hall to become more involved when the event became a fundraising event. I have worked with organizations as chair of events to boost corporate giving. My aspiration has been to expand the support to patrons outside of Miami and increase the visibility of the museum nationally.

It is PAMM’s commitment to reflect the diversity of its local community. These generous gifts provides the museum an opportunity to continue to build our collection in ways that support this mission. Through the museum’s exhibition program, this community has been exposed to some incredibly powerful and important African American artists. What does the PAMM Fund for African American Art mean to you?
Curb has worked with many non-profits and specifically museums to build their fund raising efforts by creating excitement and purpose around the event.  He coined the name “Art + Soul” to set the stage for the authentic and soulful feel of the event and the essence of the art we collect as well as the people we attract.

As early advisers to the PAMM Fund for African American Art, what was some of the advice/recommendations that you gave to the museum when it came to branding?
As for advice, we believe event has to be intriguing enough to make people want to come back and spend more to come. The graphic has to entice the audience you are seeking.

What are you looking forward to most for this year’s Art + Soul?
We are excited for Saturday. Art +Soul has garnered a lot of support in two years. We are expecting the evening to be fun, sophisticated, informative, and fulfilling for the participants.


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