PAMM Launches CURRENTS with LA’s Inner Wave

PAMM launches CURRENTS presented by Defy, an elevated experiential audio-visual concert series with a progressive focus on indie rock, electronica, and R&B. Being the catalyst of arts and culture in the Magic City for the past three decades has allowed us to stay at the forefront of Miami’s ever-changing yet timeless landscape. Since our inception, we set our vision on filling a void in a young city where no contemporary art museum existed. Now, we’re setting our sights on identifying and elevating national emerging talent in a mid-size performance space.

From our stunning waterfront terrace, CURRENTS kicks off on Thursday, March 21 with Los Angeles-based, indie psychedelic band, Inner Wave—hailed by VICE as making “surreal, moody psychedelia to ease your broken heart.”

Inside the museum, Miami Motel Stories will give a flash theater experience drawn from Miami’s past, present, and future. Presented by Juggerknot Theatre, written by Juan C. Sanchez, and directed by Tai Thompson, the Miami Motel Stories’ flash experience will depict dramatic and comedic tales driven by native characters that grab inspiration from an ever-changing cultural landscape.

Grab your tickets to CURRENTS here.

We caught up with Inner Wave’s Pablo Sotelo (lead singer and guitarist) ahead of CURRENTS.

PAMM: How does your background, upbringing, and current location influence your music?
I think LA is a hive for a big mix of music. When we first started getting booked, we would play mainly hip-hop shows. I think that might’ve affected us somehow. It’s hard to say, mainly I’d say the internet has influenced us the most.

What tends to be the band’s starting point when it comes to creating a song?
Usually it starts with a fleshed out demo I make or a few of us meet up to work on an idea. We’ve started to write altogether in the garage a few years back, sometimes we still do that. I think most of the detail comes in the recording process.

Has the creative process changed a lot over the years?
We’ve all wanted to do this for a long time and to finally start to see some traction motivates us to continue to make quality content. We would be creating regardless, but it’s nice to know there are people out there listening.

What are you all looking forward to most about performing in Miami for the first time?
The beach. I think it’ll be spring break when we are down there too, so that could be fun. Spring break forever.

Inner Wave will be taking over our terrace overlooking Biscayne Bay. Can you spill some details on what the band is cooking up for CURRENTS?
All I can tell you is that there will be music played. Some of which you’ve heard, some of which you haven’t.

What can fans expect from Inner Wave in the near future?
New music 🙂 Oh and we are going on tour, baby.


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