Verde Creates a Beatriz González-inspired Menu

In honor of our new exhibition, Beatriz González: A Retrospective, we have teamed up with Chef Kaytlin Dangaran and Verde to create a special exhibition-inspired menu. Make your reservation at Verde to try these dishes today.

Beatriz Gonzalez Entree - Fritto - Tiger Shrimp + Cocktail - Coco Tazo

Appetizer + Entrée
Inspired by artist Beatriz González’s artwork, both dishes—the tuna and Frito—are reflective of the colors and the culture, which the artist illuminates. Bold, rich colors pair well with authentic regional flavors, portraying the style of art she creates.

For this dish, we utilized ingredients such as the espresso and tamarind rub to blacken the tuna, heightening the flavor profile while coupling it with crisp mango and jalapeno to create a refreshing sensation on the palate. Lightly battered in a thin crisp batter, the true vibrant color of the prawn shows through on the Frito dish, contrasted against the squid ink aioli, fresh crispy lemon, and pickled Fresno Chile. These elements are integrated, creating a well-rounded rich flavor for all of your senses.

Beatriz Gonzalez Appetizer - Coffee Rubbed Ahi Tuna + Cocktail - Coco Tazo

A riff on the Colombian Coco Loco, with the perspective of González in mind, this variation plays with the notions of taking a simple beverage of humble origins, removing it from the coconut, taking it off the beach, and elevating it (literally—served: up) to what one would expect to find in a modern art museum setting. It is the perfect cocktail to sip while contemplating the topics of history, culture, and class.

Beatriz Gonzalez Cocktail - Coco Tazo.jpg

Written by Alexa Ferra

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