PAMM Shop Summer Reading Guide

Take advantage of this hot Miami summer and read a book by the beach or hide away from the scorching sun by flipping through a novel in the comfort of your cool home. Either way, enrich yourself with summer reading with some suggestions from PAMM Shop.


The Short Story of Modern Art by Susie Hodge|$19.99
Learn more about modern art with Susie Hodge’s colorful and illustrative “The Short Story of Modern Art.” This book makes the emergence of modern easy to understand by eliminating technical jargon, while also presenting a thorough timeline of why modern art developed, who introduced innovations, what they were, and when they took place.


How Art Can Make You Happy by Bridget Watson Payne|$12.95
Bridget Watson Payne’s “How Art Can Make You Happy” offers readers a way to incorporate art as another tool to make them a happier person. This guide gives tips on how to enjoy art more on a personal level and highlights that you don’t have to leave your house to incorporate art into your life!


Art For Baby: Curated by Yana Peel|$22.99
Introduce art to your little one this summer. With 12 black and white images from leading contemporary artists, this little book is a great way to expose your baby to art.


Le Big Manual by Sophie Glasser|$64.95
Keep the kids entertained this summer with fun art and crafts activities. Le Big Manual has 18 different activities to try, making sure your kids won’t get bored this summer.


How to Love a Country by Richard Blanco|$18.95
Challenging the concept of one dominating narrative in America, Blanco writes about a Utopian future where all narratives merge and we live in harmony with one another. He dreams of a future where we can all call America our country.

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