KIDS JAMM at PAMM Q&A: Extra Virgin Press

Need fun and engaging activities for your family this fall? KIDS JAMM at PAMM, Pérez Art Museum Miami’s first-ever family fundraiser, kicks off on Sunday, October 27 from 10am–2pm.

The inaugural event will feature live music, local artists engaging children in art-making activities, a drag queen story hour featuring some of Miami’s most famous drag queens, Taylor Moxie, Miami City Ballet School pre-professional dancers, and more! Don’t have your tickets yet? Get yours today and support PAMM’s free access days and the PAMM Student Pass.

We sat down with artist Tom Virgin, from Extra Virgin Press, to talk about his involvement with this year’s event.



Tell us a little bit about yourself and your practice.
Since 1995, I have been building community around classrooms and printing presses. My life has been roughly split between teaching and learning. Several residencies around the United States brought me in contact with letterpress printing. Most of my work involves prints, book arts, installations, and public art. I do my best to keep my work accessible to a wide range of people and institutions by making democratic multiples. Since 2013, I have run Extra Virgin Press, a small press, printing “old school” for the community that made me: Teachers, students, artists, writers, and community organizations.

How did you become involved with Pérez Art Museum Miami?
My day job is teaching art in a Title I Public High School. As soon as PAMM opened, I encouraged my students to join the PAMM Teen Arts Council, which they did. The museum is notable for looking out at the community (both literally and metaphorically), as well as inviting the entire community in to see their world.  One of my prints has been in the collection since 2013, and I am constantly encouraging them to add more prints. I have been a part of PAMM since they opened. In 2006, my work was part of a show featuring Miami artists, Miami in Transition, in PAMM’s predecessor downtown, Miami Art Museum.

tom-virgin-printpalooza-1 (2)Photo by Juan E. Cabrera

What can we expect from your activation at KIDS JAMM at PAMM?
We will be printing text, letterpress style, with two tabletop presses. I will have student interns and other printers to keep things moving along. We will print on paper, “old school.” Postcards and posters from earlier projects with students, artists, and poets will be available as well.

What are you looking forward to most for this inaugural KIDS JAMM at PAMM?
I remember the first time I made a print. The process is slow and time consuming, while creating the plate that I print from (also known as the print matrix). Luckily, that part will be done before I arrive. The best part is when new printers see the image as it is pulled off the plate. I will be making both prints and printers at KIDS JAMM at PAMM.

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