PAMM Corporate Luncheon: Q&A with Scott Steenrod

We’re just a few days away from our Twelfth Annual PAMM Corporate Luncheon. On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, the event, presented by Constellation Culinary Group, will highlight the convergence of art and technology around great conversation and cuisine. Don’t have your tickets yet? There’s still time to purchase them here.

We sat down with Scott Steenrod, managing director of Constellation Culinary Group, to talk about this year’s cuisine and what guests can expect.

1-Adelee Cabrera & Scott Steenrod.jpgAdelee Cabrera & Scott Steenrod. Photo: World Red Eye

Tell us a little bit about Constellation Culinary Group.
Constellation Culinary Group was started in 2008 by our founder, Simon Powles, three employees and a well-known restaurateur, Stephen Starr. Since then, we’ve built a culinary group that does what restaurants always have: get people talking—and daydreaming—about food, long after their last bite. The mission was and still is today, to bring restaurant quality cuisine and hospitality to the catering space.

How did you become involved with Pérez Art Museum Miami? 
We had the opportunity to join PAMM in opening their new facility on Biscayne Bay pre-opening. The evolution of Constellation Culinary Group has always been driven by a commitment to provide stellar food, beverage and inspired hospitality to cultural venues, professional dining, catering and special events, and restaurants and cafes. The opening of PAMM was a perfect match to our mission and became an exciting collaboration that allowed us to partner with a world class museum and provide a customized dining experience that complemented their collection and exhibitions.

Scott Steenrod speaking1.jpgScott Steenrod speaking. Photo: World Red Eye

This year’s lunch reception will feature delicious cuisine by Constellation Culinary Group. What will you be serving our guests?
Each year, we curate an innovative menu around the lunch theme. Technology provided incredible inspiration for our culinary team to build a menu that celebrates advancements in cooking production, service and innovation in the kitchen. The menu stations highlight these advancements, for example, eating amazing strawberries off-season through the science of hydroponic growing techniques. From strawberry yuzu jam, to strawberry and goat cheese pop tarts, and roasted duck with roasted strawberries, and strawberry puree and savory granola, we have explored both the sweet and savory side of this beautiful berry!

Why is it important to be involved in an event like this? 
Involvement in events such as this, provides Constellation with an opportunity for innovation, exploration and, most importantly, meaningful connections to our local community—plus it’s fun and a great experience for everyone involved!

DSC_7164.jpgPhoto: World Red Eye

How does Constellation Culinary Group’s relationship with PAMM stand out?
Support and collaboration are at the very foundation of our relationship with PAMM.  We entered the partnership with the understanding and commitment to support each other’s mission and initiatives and to create memorable and exciting experiences for our guests. At PAMM, we are an extension of their brand and look to create an environment that encourages the guests to stay a little longer really revel in all the museum has to offer.

What are you looking forward to most for this year’s Corporate Luncheon? 
What we look forward to every year, the relationships that are built around amazing food and great conversations.

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