Pérez Art Museum Miami Honors Citi and the Citi Foundation at Twelfth Annual Corporate Luncheon

Yesterday, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) celebrated its twelfth annual Corporate Luncheon, presented by Constellation Culinary Group, honoring Citi and the Citi Foundation for its embodiment of PAMM’s mission and their longtime support of the arts. Converging around the theme of art and technology, the annual networking event hosted nearly 250 of South Florida’s most influential business leaders to highlight its vital support of Miami’s arts community.

Luke Palacio speaking - Photo by World Red Eye.jpg
Luke Palacio making remarks

“At PAMM, we aim to reflect the diversity of the community we serve, from the art on the walls to the programs we create. Without support from our local, county, and state government, PAMM would not be able to operate at its current level, touching as many lives as we do. We are deeply grateful for the support of Miami’s corporate community,” said PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans.

Luke Palacio & Brenda Freeman1.jpg
Luke Palacio & Brenda Freeman

This year’s honoree Citi has been a presenting sponsor of PAMM’s annual exhibitions since 2013. This year, Citi Foundation chose PAMM as one of three national partners in the expansion of its museum internship program, which will launch in 2020. PAMM will spearhead a pilot arts administration internship program that offers local undergraduate students immersive work experience in museums in the hopes of removing financial barriers and creating a diverse pipeline ‎of rising talent, ensuring that the museum’s staff can continue to reflect the diversity of the community it serves.

“Being part of this corporate community, I have to really urge you to do what you can for your institutions to continue to support all the arts and culture in your community, and I guarantee you, what you get back will be paid in spades,” said Luke Palacio, Managing Director, Regional Market Manager for Southeast US – Citi Private Bank.

Franklin Sirmans, Luke Palacios, Dorothy, Aaron Podhurst, Scott Steenrod, Laura Kaplan, & Brenda Freeman - Photo World Red Eye
Franklin Sirmans, Luke Palacio, Dorothy, Aaron Podhurst, Scott Steenrod, Laura Kaplan, & Brenda Freeman
Photos by World Red Eye

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