Countdown to Art of the Party: Committee Chair Q&A

Clear your schedule for PAMM Art of the Party on March 7, 2020! This is definitely an event you do not want to miss out on. This memorable event brings together the city’s cultural philanthropists, art supporters, and movers and shakers in celebration of the arts. The event will have two exclusive experiences—Chef’s Table seated dinner followed by the Remix after party—where guests will come together for a late-night dance party celebrating Miami’s unique culture, on the waterfront promenade.

As the countdown to PAMM Art of the Party continues, we spoke to a few of our Remix committee chairs Shana Kaufman and Christopher Adeleke to hear what they are eager about for one of the most exciting nights of the year.

shana-kaufman-christopher-adelekeShana Kaufman | Christopher Adeleke

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Christopher Adeleke: I am born and raised here in Miami and currently live in Miami Beach, which makes me a product of this magical city! Both of my parents are from Nigeria so growing up, culture and the arts were very important in our home. Recently, I was appointed president of my family’s business of Early Learning Centers with several locations here in Miami. When I came on board, one of my first initiatives was to create art studios in each of our locations for the students.

Shana Kaufman: Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, I moved to Miami a little over six years ago and quickly made Miami my home. I have always had a passion and appreciation for the arts, growing up in an artistic household and inheriting artistic interests and skillsets from both my grandmother and father. This ultimately grew into the foundation of pursuing a career in experiential marketing, events, and brand campaigns which has been a major creative outlet for me as an adult.

I am currently vice president of marketing and events for Kreps DeMaria, an agency specializing in public relations, experiential marketing, events and strategic brand partnerships for luxury lifestyle brands. Before joining the team at Kreps DeMaria, I worked at Ocean Drive magazine as their marketing and events manager which attributed greatly to my love for Miami. In that role, I brought events to life from start to finish. From program development to celebrity and talent relations, I played a key role in integrating luxury brands into Ocean Drive’s various event platforms.

How did you become involved with the museum?

CA: Christopher Pastor reached out to me in hopes of getting involved with the museum, and it’s literally one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Through my involvement with the museum, I have made some lifelong friendships and connections along the way.

SK:  During my time with Ocean Drive magazine, I had the privilege of working together with PAMM on various event partnerships. A few years ago, my dear friend Christopher Adeleke encouraged me to formally join the Remix host committee and have been supporting and participating in the committee ever since.

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For those who have never been to PAMM Art of the Party, what can one expect?

CA: There’s no question that PAMM’s Art of the Party is one of the BEST events to attend during gala season! There will be a fun, glamorous photo booth that you can enjoy with your friends; great music that will keep you dancing all night; delicious food and drinks to enjoy!

SK: The best gala of gala season! Expect an amazing evening that is as vibrant as the art showcased within the museum. An evening that only gets better as the night goes on with an after party that is a can’t-miss opportunity. At most galas, the after party is a formality and rarely measures up to the main event. PAMM’s Art of the Party is not the case, it is a true fusion of Miami’s young patrons and younger movers and shakers mingling with major donors, board members, and the city’s most prominent contributors. It is an evening that celebrates the arts and the cultural epicenter that Miami has and continues to evolve into.

Why is it important to be involved in an event like this?

CA: PAMM has made a significant impact not only on Miami’s cultural scene but on a global level. Events like the Art of the Party just solidify that!

SK: Being involved in your community and the organizations that are the foundation of its cultural integrity is invaluable. We expect so much from Miami, as a city we all call home—we expect opportunity, entertainment and recreation, beauty and adventure, amazing food and social settings, future growth and more, so it is important to find the time to give back and nurture the elements that make this city so magical, affording us everything that we expect it to provide us. It’s important to give back and support efforts that make Miami a premiere destination. Helping to build Miami’s future so there is continued growth is not our social privilege but our social responsibility.

What are you looking forward to most for this year’s PAMM Art of the Party?

CA: I am looking forward to dancing with my friends and the host committee under the stars. If I’m going to enjoy a night out on the town, it might as well be for a good cause!

SK: I always look forward to the photo booth and the desserts but aside from that, having an amazing evening with friends at one of my favorite places in Miami! This year is extra special and I’m very excited to have De Beers Jewellers participating in the event. They are a very special client and very happy to have them start, what I hope to be, a long-standing relationship with PAMM for years to come.

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