DJ Gabby Mejia Drops the Beat on Art of the Party

A party is nothing without good music, so we’re welcoming international DJ Gabby Mejia to PAMM’s Art of the Party Remix after party on March 7, 2020. Presented by Valentino, this late-night dance party celebrates Miami’s unique culture with beats, drinks, and bites on the waterfront promenade.

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Mejia chatted with us before the big night about her influences and her soundtrack for the night.

dj-gaby-mejiaCourtesy DJ Gabby Mejia

What inspires you at this moment or in this period of your career/life?
At this moment, I find the boldness, consciousness, and daringness required in taking risks and effecting real change and progress is energizing in every way.

Has your creative process changed a lot over the years?
My creative process today is still very organic and never really deliberate. I like things to happen very naturally. I find that somehow things align or fall into place better and more cohesively that way. That said, though, I feel like my creative process is more conscious these days—conscious of the effort and discipline required to prolifically and prodigiously manifest desired outcomes.

What have you been listening to lately?
A lot, ha! Modal jazz, as a genre, I think it has the most integrity with no affectations. It esoterically conveys every subtly nuanced emotion and mood to the listener with brutal yet refined honesty. I now split my time between here and Morocco, where the indigenous Gnawa music is still very prevalent, so I get to listen to it quite a bit. It’s very rhythmic and ritualistic and spiritual, producing a trance-like effect. I love getting lost in its chants and distinct percussive elements. I’ve also recently been listening in awe again to the impeccable and inimitable vocal and timing nuances of Turkish singer Ozdemir Erdogan and Brazilian legend Joao Gilberto. Lyrics and the art of songwriting are incredibly important to me, so there are certain romantic or heartbreaking ballads I always listen to and never get sick of, like Prince’s “Adore,” Sade’s “War of the Hearts,” and Lucio Battisti’s “Amarsi Un Po.” I think music should be moving, and privately, I like songs and lyrics of love, longing, and loss that choke me with tears.

You’ll be taking over our terrace overlooking Biscayne Bay. Can you spill some details on what you have cooking up for your set at Art of the Party?
I never plan my sets, but I know that it will be a joyous and dancy one because I can’t contain my excitement over being back home and seeing all of my dearest friends again, especially dressed to the nines. I love how Miamians totally get down on the dance floor, and in keeping with this year’s theme, I am ready to party! I’ll probably play some Balearic and disco gems and end with some glorious sing-along song because I love that natural high from being outdoors at night with a cool breeze, facing Miami’s beautiful waters and open skies, with everyone singing in unison.

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