PAMM Member Profile: Sara Stites

Members are at the heart of Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). For our second PAMM Member Profile, we’re featuring Sara Stites who has lived in the Keys and Miami Beach with her husband Bill Stites (also a member) for over 25 years. Sara has been a member since 2002, when the museum was known as Miami Art Museum (MAM).

What drew you to PAMM?
I was a member of MAM, and now PAMM. I appreciate the new museum building and attend as many events and talks as I can. I like the openings for a chance to see members of the art community but I always return to view the shows again and love to stay for a meal at the restaurant, a most wonderful and relaxed space.

PAMM Member Sara Stites

What do you do?
I’m an artist. I would love to pick a piece from the collection or one that is on view and discuss it from my point of view. (Editor’s note: want to contact Sara to discuss her art or a show you saw at PAMM? Email with subject line “Dear Sara” and we’ll connect you!)

Why do you feel art is important, especially in Miami?
Art is going to be even more important as we move forward and honor some of the workers in health care, as well as other essential workers like bus drivers and mail carriers who keep life going. Art is uplifting in its purest form and creativity is already being nurtured at PAMM through classes for children, recognition of local artists with talks and acquisitions, and by being a museum that brings shows from outside our region to us.

Sara Stites, not a flag, 2019

What do you envision for PAMM in the future?
I’m most excited by views outside our comfort zones—work that is different from what we already know in South Miami.

What is a phrase or mantra that you live by?
I keep on trucking…a painting teacher once told me, “Inchy by inchy, Leonardo da Vinci.” The ones who create are the ones who create.

Dual/Family members Sara (left) and Bill (right)

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