PAMM Member Profile: Sheila Elias

At Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), members are part of our family. This week, we’re featuring Sheila Elias who has lived in many cities—like Chicago, part-time in L.A. and New York—but has called South Florida home for over 30 years. She’s been a member of PAMM since our Miami Art Museum days, and has supported the museum since 1996!

What drew you to PAMM?
It was a museum in Miami that I wanted to be involved in.

What do you do?
I am a contemporary artist. I graduated from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and I got my Master’s degree in in fine arts in California. Contemporary art. It is all I know, live, and breathe.

Sheila Elias with artist Christo

Are there any current podcast, books, or music you’d suggest reading or listening to right now?
I listened to the National Gallery’s talk about Caravaggio’s works. I attended a webinar by Rocky Ruggiero, an incredible art historian, where he spoke about the Sistine Chapel…fabulous! Two books I enjoyed recently were “Killing Commendatore” by Haruki Murakami and the “The Moon and Sixpence” by Somerset Maugham.

Why do you feel art is important, especially in Miami?
I think that the arts are important everywhere. Specifically here in Miami because we have to elevate the culture here. Miami is a young city so the arts and culture scene here is also new. Since Art Basel started exhibiting in Miami Beach, it has expanded immensely. In addition, it is important to expand it to children. They benefit greatly by visiting museums as it expands their knowledge of the world.

Sheila Elias. Photo by Reto Guntli Photography.

What do you envision for PAMM in the future?
I would say more lectures. Increase the lecture schedule. I really like attending and learning from them.

What is a phrase or mantra that you live by?
The wind is at my back pushing me through the universe.

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