Q&A: International Women’s Committee Annual Spring Tea

Darlene Pérez, together with the leadership of Pérez Art Museum Miami’s (PAMM) International Women’s Committee (IWC), invited its members to an afternoon celebrating “The Intersection of Art and Fashion.” The discussion covered historic and current collaborations between the two disciplines by industry expert Eva Hughes.

We sat down with Akris, the event’s sponsor, to learn more about their company and their ties to the art community.

Tell us a little bit about Akris.
Akris is a Swiss luxury fashion house for women with purpose. Its sleek and effortless collections are designed by Creative Director Albert Kriemler. For him, the purpose of fashion is to make a woman’s life less complicated, and to enhance, rather than hide, a woman’s natural beauty and grace. Founded in 1922, the family-owned house is globally revered for its innovative, inspiring designs, exceptional fabrics, meticulous tailoring, sophisticated colors and longevity. As a 100% vertical company, Akris controls the quality of every detail and shipment.

International Women’s Committee Annual Spring Tea. Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

We heard that Creative Director Albert Kriemler has a passion for art. How does art play a role in your collections?
Art and architecture have long been an inspiration to Albert Kriemler. He continues to be moved by and collaborate with artists and architects that he discovers purely intuitive. Sometimes it is a specific piece of art that inspires the workmanship in his collections, other times it is a reference to the creative person per se. As a sign of respect, the inspirational works are clearly readable when he translates them into his fashion language. He has previously collaborated with influential artists and architects such as Herzog & de Meuron, Thomas Ruff, Carmen Herrera, Sou Fujimoto, Alexander Girard, Geta Brătescu, and Imi Knoebel.

International Women’s Committee Annual Spring Tea. Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

We’re excited about your participation at this year’s International Women’s Committee Annual Spring Tea event. What does it mean to you to be affiliated with the museum and the International Women’s Committee?
Fueled by Albert Kriemler’s passion for art, the intersection of art and fashion is a constant at Akris, and we feel it is our duty to give back to the art community. Miami is a vibrant city, and it is our privilege to support such a respected cultural center as PAMM. We were specifically drawn to PAMM’s International Women’s Committee for its mission to further a more balanced representation of women in all sectors of the arts.

International Women’s Committee Annual Spring Tea. Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?
In the coming days, Akris will honor Darlene Pérez as an Akris Women with Purpose in acknowledgement of her dedication and contributions to the arts. Founded by a visionary woman, Alice Kriemler-Schoch, Akris has been working with and for women with purpose since 1922. With his grandmother’s courage ever in his mind, Albert Kriemler has made it his mission to empower women to walk their own path and to dress these women making a mark in life. Follow us on @akrisofficial to see her Women with Purpose feature.

Darlene Pérez & Eva Hughes. Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

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