Local Views: Alex Nuñez

During last month’s Local Views tour, led by Mexican artist Pepe Mar, we spoke with visual artist Alex Nuñez, who is leading the January installment.

Nuñez is a Cuban-American from Miami, FL whose practice concentrates on the amalgamation of pop culture and personal image hoarding—ranging from appropriated images from vintage magazines to comic books—with explosions of color, texture, and sheen. Bursting with iridescent pigments, pastel chalk, glitter, confetti, pompoms, candy, and banana peels, Nuñez’s compositions become immersive environments that play on memory, erosion, overindulgence, disorientation, humor, vanity, narcissism, and opulence.

Integral to her creative process is music; whether it be through source imagery or visual inspiration by way of audio stimulation. Quite naturally, Nuñez’s love affair with sound lead to the launch of “Sunday Painter”, a podcast series that explores the connection between artists and their inspirations. Broadcasted weekly (Sundays, 8pm EST) on KPISSFM, “Sunday Painter” features an array of artists and opens up a dialogue across mediums.

You can meet Nuñez during her Local Views tour on Thursday, January 25 at 6pm, where she will lead a casual 30-minute conversation around 3-5 works in PAMM’s collection.

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