PAMM Highlights Women of Tomorrow in Honor of National Women’s History Month


Women of Tomorrow mentor and scholarship program is an organization whose mission is to inspire, motivate, and empower at-risk girls in public high schools. Since May 2014, PAMM has welcomed more than 550 Women of Tomorrow participants from schools all over Miami-Dade County and continues to enrich the lives of young women today. Through the Knight Schools Program at PAMM, we’re able to offer all Women of Tomorrow groups a chance to tour the museum with a teaching artist, bus transportation to the museum, and a complimentary Knight Schools family pass for future PAMM visits.

In honor of National Women’s History Month, we chatted with founder and president of Women of Tomorrow, Jennifer Valoppi.

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How does art inspire, motivate, and empower young women in the program?
At Women of Tomorrow, we believe that exposure to the possibilities is the foundation of building a rewarding, creative, and exemplary life. Exposure to art enriches the lives of everyone it touches; it speaks of beauty, passion, courage, and pain. It enables our students to find parts of themselves in the drama of artistic expression as well as inspiring potential outlets for their own emotions.

Can you share some of the responses from Women of Tomorrow participants from their visits to PAMM?
“We would like to extend our gratification for the fabulous time we experienced at Pérez Art Museum on February 12. We were intrigued by the exhibitions thanks to the wonderful museum guide, David. He was funny, informative, and aroused our curiosity to ask questions and express our opinions on our perceptions of each unique art exhibition. Consequently, we learned new facts about the various contemporary and cultural art forms. Everyone we dealt with was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Once again, thank you, and we hope to return again soon.” -Thank you letter written by the South Dade Senior Women of Tomorrow mentee group.

“My most memorable experience in Women of Tomorrow was a field trip in which we visited the Pérez Art Museum in which I learned more about the artist’s work and conceptual drive, as well as more about the architecture. For example, the botanical aspect of the museum was created by an environmental artist. It is my objective to launch my own art studio. My ultimate goal is to create a space for children, teens, and adults comfortable enough for them to express themselves freely through their work; an experience I was lucky enough to have and would feel accomplished in being able to share with others.” –Eva L.


How does the organization’s relationship with PAMM stand out?
We have scheduled numerous field trips for our mentees with PAMM over the past four years, nine this year alone. Those visits help to provide not only a well-rounded and balanced approach to potential careers and avenues of study, but to life in general. They are among our most popular field trips.

Are there any young women in the program who are interested in a career in the arts?
Many of our students are interested in the arts and are enrolled in art-focused magnet programs at schools such as Arthur Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts, DASH, and New World School of the Arts. Many have expressed interest in completing a bachelor of fine arts degree to pursue careers at art studios, galleries, museums, and in theatre.

How can the community get involved with Women of Tomorrow?
Women of Tomorrow holds numerous events throughout the year which support the program and welcomes new mentors. For more information, call 305 371 3330 or visit


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